Welcome to RobOnLocation.com

My name is Rob, and welcome to RobOnLocation.com I love to visit famous locations featured in movies and TV shows!

Film tourism is becoming a popular division of the travel industry. Fans of pop culture love to visit some of the locations featured in their favourite movies and TV shows. The exposure from an appearance can be a big boost for small businesses as well.

On my website, you’ll find articles I’ve written about some movies and TV show locations that I’ve visited. I’m not a professional writer or photographer, but I’ve been able to combine my love of entertainment and geography into a fun hobby.

I will also have information about visiting film studios, live TV tapings, and even links to news articles about filming locations.

I hope you’ll enjoy the site! RobOnLocation.com is work in progress, but I hope to have some great content. Please follow me on my Instagram account: filminglocations and Twitter @robonlocation

If you have any questions about anything, just post in the comments section on each page! I’d love to hear any questions or thoughts you may have to share!

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