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Thanks for visiting Rob On Location! I love visiting locations used in some of my favourite movies and TV shows.  I’ve created Rob On Location to share my adventures and give you a glimpse into the TV and movie industry.


I’ve organized my articles into a few categories:

About – Read a bit about me and how I got into this crazy hobby. Also check out some of my tips, tricks, and rules for location hunting. I also have an FAQ page so feel free to ask any questions in the comments sections. You can also find contact info.

TV Shows – In this section, I take a look at the filming locations and establishing shots of a variety of TV shows.  

Movies – The movie industry general films on location much more than television, and I take a look at some of these iconic spots.

Film Studios – Get a sneak peak behind the scenes of the entertainment industry! Read about my visits to various film studios and which tour options are offered.

Live TV Tapings – I’ve had the chance to attend a number of TV tapings as part of the audience.  I’ll share these experiences with you in this section.

Museums – Check out some museums with exhibits on pop culture and the entertainment industry.

Destinations – Contains info and some of my travel tips for some of the most popular destinations for filming locations.

Famous Graves – Take a look at some of the famous graves I’ve visited throughout my travels.

Interviews – Read some interviews I’ve conducted with individuals in the entertainment industry.

Pop Culture Locations – some cool locations related to pop culture that don’t fit into the filming locations categories

Extras – This section will have a collection of articles that don’t fit into the other categories.  I’ve included a page on Location news, links, and a few other fun pages that didn’t fit in elsewhere. 

I hope you’ll enjoy the site! RobOnLocation.com is work in progress, but I hope to have some great content. Please follow me on my Instagram account: filminglocations and Twitter @robonlocation

If you have any questions about anything, just post in the comments section on each page! I’d love to hear any questions or thoughts you may have to share!

While this site is a hobby, it does cost me out-of-pocket to keep the site going. You can help support the site by clicking the link below and shopping on amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Thanks for all the support!

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