Filming Location and Industry Links

While I hope you enjoy my content and photos, there is a whole community of location hunters, many of whom have their own amazing content. Here are some links to websites worth checking out.

These sites are run by a variety of location hunters all over the world, and everyone has a passion for this. Some links focus on a particular movie or city, while others share a whole variety of locations.

As a community, a lot of us are in contact and we share locations, ideas, and even help each other find locations.  Some of us spend a great deal of time and energy finding these locations, and I love to see that others have such much passion for this hobby.

There are a few other links that you may find interesting, including some film companies and a Broadway Tour as well.

Filming Location Links

Mike the Fan Boy

Mike has an awesome site, focusing on all things pop-culture.

TV Travels with Lori

Excellent site featuring filming locations across the US


Andrea is from Germany, and has been published in many articles regarding her film locations. Her site is in German, but Google translate does a good job of letting you read her blog.

Mockingbird Lane

Marina is a 3D designer and architect, and has created some 3D tours of fictional movie and TV homes. It’s a great site that I highly recommend.

Atlas of Wonders

Great site featuring some of the latest news and locations available

All About Los Angeles

Website featuring filming locations and other pop culture spots in the Los Angeles area

Big Boy Travel

A great list of The Sound of Music locations

I Am Not a Stalker

One of the best location blogs out there.  Lindsay lives in the LA area and is on top of everything!

Seeing Stars

Great guide to Hollywood locations and attractions


A good site of filming locations, with a focus on horror

It’s Filmed There

Filming locations, focusing on the cities of Chicago and Los Angeles

Jurassic Park Filming Locations

A great site with lots of info on locations from Jurassic Park

On Location Vacations

Great site with details on where current productions are filming

21 Chester Place

Solving the long mystery of the Addams Family house, this site does an excellent job of detailing not just the location of the house, but the history as well.

On The Set of New York

Filming Locations in New York City

Then & Now Movie Locations

Film Location comparisons with a focus on horror

Back to the Future Filming Locations

Here is an excellent list of where BTTF was filmed, courtesy of

The Wonder Years Yearbook

Details of the Wonder Years series, including locations

Explore Greece in Pop Culture

A site featuring filming locations around Greece

Film and Television Industry Links

Double Windsor Films

Film Company of Tommy Avallone, who produced documentaries like Ghostheads and The Bill Murray Stories

Ottawa Film Office

The official website for the film office for Ottawa, my hometown. Ottawa has recently become a big filming destination due to the variety of locations. The site has information about the program of building a soundstage studio to support the industry.

The Unofficial Columbia Ranch Site

Excellent history of the Columbia Ranch, now known as the Warner Brothers Ranch

The Studio Tour

Great site about production studios around the world

Travel Links

Broadway Up Close

Walking tours of Broadway history, including theatres seen in films

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