Location Hunting Guidelines

As much fun as it can be to visit locations, it is also important to show respect when visiting. Remember that most of these locations are places where people live and work. While most have accepted the fame that goes with these locations, we don’t want to cause any issues while visiting.

Private Property

The main rule is an obvious one, don’t trespass. When we visit a business or residential area, it is important to stay on public property. Roads and sidewalks are there for public use, and you can look and take pictures. However, it is not ok to wander on to private property. These are places where people live and work, so it’s important to respect that.

One well-known issue was people going to the Brady Bunch house and peeking in the windows, hoping to see the famous staircase. These fans were, of course, disappointed, as the show was filmed on a soundstage, and the house interior bears no resemblence to the set. Because of these fans trespassing, the owners had no choice but to put up a fence around the house.


If you are visiting a business that was used for interior scenes, don’t go exploring. It is ok to visit the reception desk and let them know why you are visiting. It is up to the staff if they want to allow you in, and if they decline, be polite and respectful. There may be security reasons, and you also don’t want to interfere in the day-to-day operations.


If you are visiting a school, it is extremely important to be respectful. My main rule in visiting schools is to go outside of normal hours. Visiting during evenings and weekends is the best way to go. Not only will you reduce any possible issues with school interference, but you’ll also get photos without people or cars in the way.

If you can find an email address or phone number for the school, send them a quick message before visiting to let them know your intentions. Never enter the school facilities unless given permission from the school administrators.

I highly recommend taking all photos from the public areas and sidewalks. In the world we live in, schools need to be very careful about student safety and privacy, and the last thing you want to do is cause any concern.

Interaction with the Owners

Occasionally, you may encounter a business or home owner. Be friendly and let them know why you are there. They probably know, but letting them know where you traveled from and that you want to take a few photos will let them know you are ok. I have met a few homeowners who have taken the time to talk and share filming stories. Even if they don’t have time to chat, a smile and wave will set their minds at ease.


If you are driving, don’t forget to obey all parking laws. Residential areas may prohibit parking or stopping, or only allow parking during certain times. In addition, make sure you aren’t blocking any driveways. We don’t want to cause any issues to the neighbours.

When visiting a business, they may have a parking lot that you can use, but be careful as some have posted signs that parking is for clients only. Unless you’ve pre-arranged a visit, you aren’t a client.

In some areas, especially city locations, you may need to find street parking or even use a paid parking lot. It’s always helpful to have some change or a credit card available in case you need to pay. I try and look up parking options before I visit a location, so I don’t waste a lot of time looking for parking, especially if I’m only going to be stopping a few minutes.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to enjoy your visits to locations without causing any problems for the businesses and residents.

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