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This area is going to feature links to various news articles regarding filming locations. These are all location news articles that I’ve come across and found interesting, so I wanted to share with my readers. Check back often to see what is happening in the industry.

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**These articles are from outside news sources and may contain spoilers.**

Los Angeles Magazine – Lights, Camera, Hassle? What Happens When a Movie Location Becomes a Tourist Attraction

CNN – University Finds Missing Dorothy Dress from The Wizard of Oz

CNN – Hollywood Has Gone Dark, and It’s Crushing Thousands

Entertainment Weekly – Center Stage Filming Locations 20 years Later

TV Line – Recreating The Big Bang Theory cafeteria set for Young Sheldon

CNN – Parasite Filming Locations in South Korea

Parade – The Young Sheldon house is for sale

CNN – Frozen village experiencing overtourism

CNN – Beverly Hillbillies house sells for $150 Million

NBC – Joker Steps become a tourist attraction

Entertainment Weekly – “Friends” Set Decorator Spills Secrets

Entertainment Weekly – Bella’s house from the Twilight movies is available for rent on Airbnb

Entertainment Weekly – Looking at the Starcourt Mall from Stranger Things 3

Deadline – The Big Bang Theory Sets are now open to visitors at the Warner Bros. Hollywood Studio Tours

New York Times – The Sopranos House up for sale

Deadline – Warner Bros. to buy the Burbank Studios and sell the Warner Bros. Ranch

CNN – DMC DeLorean: The troubled past of the car that went back to the future

Entertainment Weekly – Developments on the Brady Bunch house renovations

Ranker.com – A ranking of some of the most iconic filming locations

Entertainment Weekly – Creating the snow scenes in the Walking Dead season finale

Entertainment Weekly – How the football field was created for the Friends episode with the Thanksgiving football game

CNN – Secrets from the set of the Big Bang Theory

Entertainment Weekly – How expensive is it to live in a romantic comedy?

USA Today – Brady Bunch Cast reveals their roles on A Very Brady Renovation

TheIndyChannel.com – Jeff Franklin selling the Full House house

Entertainment Weekly – House from Family Matters being torn down

The Guardian – Easington Colliery shares it’s Billy Elliot story

Town and Country – House from The Money Pit up for sale

I hope you enjoyed some of these location news articles. Check back often to see more!

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